All right, guys. Today we’re talking about who will pay your medical bills if you have been hurt in an accident. If you have been hurt in an accident you likely have medical expenses. You should see a doctor, you should be evaluated. If you were in an accident and you think you’re okay you should still go see a doctor and be evaluated just to make sure that you are okay. It is not uncommon for someone to get into an accident and think for a couple of days, “Oh, I’m just sore, it’s going to go away,” and it doesn’t go away. So you should definitely seek medical treatment.

Now who is going to pay for that medical treatment? And there are different options available. First of all, if you have private health insurance whether that’s through your employer, however they purchased it through the ACA, whether it’s through Medicaid, whatever it is, if you have health insurance that is what your health insurance is for. Go see a doctor, use your health insurance, get the medical treatment you need.

Ultimately, the person responsible for causing the accident should be the proper party to pay for your medical bills. If the party responsible for causing your accident had liability insurance then that insurance should ultimately pay your medical bills. However, neither the person responsible for your accident nor his or her insurance company is likely to pay your medical expenses up front. That is usually something that they pay back at the end of the case when the case settles or when there is a judgment at trial awarding you your medical expenses. So during that time if you do not have private health insurance you may have to come out of pocket to cover those expenses.

Now, if you were hurt while you were on the course and scope of your employment then your employer should have workers compensation insurance. Your workers comp should pay for your medical expenses. That is completely separate. It doesn’t matter if you were at fault in an accident or not. If you were at work and you were driving a company vehicle and someone rear ended you then your employers workers comp should still be available to pay your medical bills.

Now, let’s say you don’t have private insurance, you weren’t at work so you don’t have workers comp, who’s going to pay your medical bills? Well, lots of attorneys maintain relationships with doctors, chiropractors and other clinics who are willing to see an injured party on either a reduced basis or under some sort of letter of guarantee where the bill will be paid when your case settles. And if you do not have health insurance this can be a real benefit to help you get the treatment that you need while your claim is pending.

If you have been hurt in an accident you should speak with an experienced injury attorney. That attorney likely has existing relationships with health care providers that he or she can get you to, to help make sure you get the care that you need to not only get better but to also get the most money for your accident.

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