Should You Get an Accident Report After a Crash?

accident report

An accident report is typically required for insurance claims or lawsuits, given its official capacity for the accident. It is also essential since it contains information that provides a third party who was not at the scene of the accident to assess what happened.

What Happens When You Slip and Fall in a Restaurant in Louisiana?

According to research done by the National Safety Council, slip and fall accidents are the third leading cause of unintentional injury-related fatalities. In 2016, almost 35,000 people died in falls. For some industries like construction and manufacturing, falls continue to be the leading cause of death.  Slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere and at […]

Can You Lose Worker’s Compensation for Being Intoxicated in Louisiana?

Workers Compensation

Being injured on the job can be devastating for many. It causes people to lose work, lose wages, and be forced to deal with the physical and mental disabilities an injury can cause.  If you have been injured while working, you may be entitled to compensation. The Department of Labor’s Office of Workers’ Compensation administers […]