Medical Treatment After an Accident

medical treatment after an accident

Although some of the injuries are obvious, there are also a lot of injuries that are not easily observed or physical in nature. Therefore, it is essential to seek medical attention after the accident and seek follow-up medical evaluation if new symptoms arise or your condition worsens even after your initial medical consultation.

Will My Car Wreck Case go to Court?

car accident

An overwhelming majority of civil lawsuits, including automobile accident lawsuits, do not go to trial. Instead, most automobile accident cases are settled between the parties outside of the courtroom.

Should You Get an Accident Report After a Crash?

accident report

An accident report is typically required for insurance claims or lawsuits, given its official capacity for the accident. It is also essential since it contains information that provides a third party who was not at the scene of the accident to assess what happened.

Do Roundabouts Reduce Traffic Accidents?

traffic accident

Roundabouts are designed to enhance the flow of traffic for motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Roundabouts are also adapted to improve traffic safety by redirecting some of the conflicting traffic that causes crashes to traditional intersections.

How To Be Successful In Your Louisiana Personal Injury Case

Personal Injury lawyer

If you have been injured in an accident due to the negligence of another person or entity, you can file a personal injury claim to win compensation for medical bills, treatment, and other post-accident expenses.  When you decide to file a personal injury claim in Louisiana, it is important that you follow the correct procedures. […]

Can I Receive Compensation For Lost Wages Due To An Injury?

Workers Compensation

Life after an accident can be frustrating and stressful. In serious cases, it is not unusual for accident victims to suffer life-altering injuries that prevent them from returning to work or acquiring new work. If this is the case, victims can incur exorbitant financial debts that they are unable to pay off.  If you have […]