Proving Negligence in a Multi-Vehicle Accident in Louisiana

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Oftentimes collisions take place with two vehicles, but at times, multiple vehicles are involved. When several cars are part of a crash, it can be difficult to figure out who is negligent and at-fault for the accident.

The National Highway Safety Traffic Administration states that there are at least 5.25 million accidents in the United States every year. Unfortunately, most people are likely to participate in a collision at least once in their lifetime. So how is fault determined after a multi-vehicle accident in Louisiana?

How To Determine Fault After A Multi-Vehicle Collision

Despite however many vehicles are engaged in a collision, there will likely need an investigation into the accident to realize exactly how the collision took place. Multiple vehicle collisions are more tricky than collisions that involve only two cars. However, there are tools to help determine which driver was negligent and at fault.

Data that an insurance company or the court system considers after an accident includes police reports, witness accounts, photos of the scene, and any injuries that are incurred due to the collision.

At times an accident reconstruction is established to help figure out what actually happened right before and during the accident. While it may be assumed that the driver who was in the rear of the collision is at-fault, that may not actually be the case.

Multiple reasons can cause a crash. When there are several vehicles involved, this complication increases tenfold. There may be more than one driver who is negligent or to blame for the accident.

Multiple-vehicle accidents are extremely complex. You may need to hire an experienced attorney for your claim. A lawyer can look at the information, talk to witnesses, and investigate the scene of the collision.

An attorney can use information to prove negligence against the other driver or drivers that were involved in the accident.

You Need An Accident Lawyer In Louisiana

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