Being a Victim in a Bicycle Accident

Being a Victim in a Bicycle Accident

In an accident, documentation is key. Thus, every detail about the accident must be written down. This could include the exact location of impact, the time of the accident, the road’s condition, motorist and foot traffic, weather conditions, a diagram showing the position of the direction of parties involved; or if you have a phone, you can document by taking a video and photos of the location, injuries, damages, and the vehicles involved.

Robbery Charges in Louisiana

All Robbery Charges in Louisiana are crimes of violence and that is very important because being convicted of a crime of violence affects how you get good time credit and it also affects where you actually do your time.

Deferred Action Program (DACA)

Rusty Messer and Liliana Collins discuss a recent federal court ruling on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Contact Us Name Phone Number Email Address Message...

Will a Criminal Conviction Make me Inadmissible to the US

There are lots of people here who do not have status but who may have a chance to be admitted to the US either through an adjustment of status of returning to their home country and then processing through a local consulate office. In either situation, it’s important to know whether a past criminal conviction or a pending criminal charge will make you inadmissible to the US.